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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  CW  August 5, 2010 12:30am-12:50am EDT

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>> and what bp issdoinn now, to fix its pr problem. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimmre, this is fox 45 news late edition. >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. ggneral ter is off. stroog storms roll through baltimore tonight. here is chief meteorologist vytas reid with the latest on the storms and more heat apparently on the way. vytaa? >> all offttat heat today was firing up the atmosphere. helping to create severe weather. for the most part it has created down ovvr baltimore city and %ver central maryland. severe thunderstorm watch uutil 1 a.m. right now, looking at where the they are on the eastern shore. and they died doon a bit. but still active lightning with over toward wilmington ando push ú%lem. new jersey. and it looks like we will continue to see thii activity push on out over the tlantic. but for the most part. we're watching the next line, back west. over ohio, where the cold front %-back over indiana, ohio,
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michigan. that ppshes through by tomorrow. and that could fire off severe weather by the mid afternoon, early evening. so we have to watch that closely. beccuse we will see the temperatures right now sitting in the mid 80s over baltimore. get to the -- to the upper 99s tomorrow. so day hot. and national weather service has issued a heat advisory, foo baltimore, down throughh3 mid-atlantic. because offall the heat. so your day goes like. this starts out hot and humid. getting to 93 degrees by lunch time. we will be in the mid to upper -nd then we have to deallwith the strong thunderstorms. detailed look at how the rest of the week plans out. coming up in just a bit. >> all right, vytas, thank you. >> baltimore city council has answers tonight after meeting with police leaders today. on the department's handling of rape cases. kkith daniels here now ith how police plan to deal with the problem. keith? >> problems surfaced about a month ago, and in a public report. and tonight action, from the department. including taking another look at about 100 rape cases, that were
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tossed out in 2009. now police commissioner bealefield was at city hall to take questions from city council members, at issue, a recent report that ound baltimore detectives, throw out more rape cases, than any other city in the nation. calling ttem false, or baseless. bealefield admits there have department has handled rape cases. problems, he saii, that were there long before he was commissioner. before the hearing, he talked to reporters, at the office. >> i think, there are issues around tracking. i think there are issues around staffing. i think there are issues around the way patrol officers handle initial calls for service. >> well, policc say there are some changes already in place. one of them, the responding officer can no longer onsider a potential rape case unfounded. meanwhile,,there is debate over wheeher the department should be reviewing its own mishandled
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cases. council president jack young wants an independent audit. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late eddtion". >> all right coated. mootgomery county man arrested after police say he sprayed semen on female shoppers. miccael edwards was arrested last week, after police ssy heú squirted semen on a woman outside of this gaithersburg giant store. police say surveillance video caught him doing the same thing back in november, at a michael's craft shop. now police are looking for more potential victims. >> this is unusual, but like i said, he has done this before, multiple ttmes. so there is a good chance he ha3 done this and we are not aware of it. >> edwards is now free on bond tonight. police sttll don't know the motive behind these bizarre attacks. >> the baltimore city police officer accused of killing a unarmed man outside of a nightclub back in june. pleads not guilty. gahiii tshamba allegedly killed
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a former marine, tyrone brown. it happened after brown reportedly groped a woman. the defense claims the case has been mellodramatic. >> our client was brought in, similaa o hannable. he was chained pretty tight around the waist, hands, feet, shackles, i thhught it was a little over kill. the is set for november >> a baltimore judge said a mother that starved her one-year-old boy to death has made great stridds. ramkissoon was inncourt today for a probation hearing. ramkissoon was in a cult that denied food to her infant. simply because he had not say grace. mother spent 90 days in a treatment center. today the judge ordered her to remain at the ceeter, to the time being. >> a federal police officer shoots and kills a siberian husk necessity a arundel county dogú park. happened at the quail run narr severn.
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witnesses saa the husky was shot while fighting with the officers dog. first they said the officer would not be charged but now there has been a one despite hoping that they realize that he was not warranted to use his weapon. and he should have never discharged a weaponnin the middle of a neighborhood. in a safe dog park. dog, in self defense. day. should a federal police officer face charges for fatally shooting a dog? 71 percent say yes. 29 percent say no. and jennifer wrote on faccbook tonight. the offfcer's reaction was oth excess and i have emotional. and in this case, i elieve, e should be charged. >> chargessstill not filed against the woman accused f shooting a man at tte hilton downtown. police say it could have been self defensee officers discovered a man shot. the man is expected to recover. another woman with him suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. >> police make an arrest after a
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police officer is hit by a car, at an impound lot. lynwood williams, didn't pay or didn't want toopay, to get a car back.3 and hit an officer trying to stop him frrm leeving the lot. the officer is expected to be okay. williams tonight, faces several charges, including assault. >> the arch diocese of baltimore is in court challenging a new law it claims is unconstitutional..3 dozens of women came forward claiming that the pregnancy centers were deceivvng women by offering abortion counseling, control that prompted a new law that requires pregnancy centers to post notices, if they don't offer abortion or birth control. tte arch diocese of baltimore said the city is reetricting protected speech, and singles out their facilities. >> the ordinance singles out pro-life pregnancy centers for particular speech restrictions and mandated disclaimers that
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force the pro-life pregnancy centers to put up signs, that if the government mandates. >> the city council had the power under the constitution, and otherwise, to enact a very straight forward ordinance which it did back in december. requiring certain pregnancyú ccunseling centers to disclose basic minimum facts, about the services they do or don't offer. >> no word on when the judge will hand down his ruling. >> montgomeryycounty police make an afghanistan a synagogue is vandalized. ian baron faces several charges %-destruction of pollce say e defaced b'nai shalom, uly 26, with painted swasticas and other phrases, andness custody. -> harford county teens go high tech to impersonate police. six charged with police downloaded an >> poliie say the teens used the
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app to stop other motorists. suspects told policeethey got3 the idea from "youtube". >> you can eat healthier. and help the local economy at the same time. usda and state department of agriculture are promoting farmer's market week. encouraging people to eat fruiis and vegetables. 350 farmers participate, selling frrsh produce directly to consumers. >> it is good to have a placc in the city, where i can go ive minutes from my door step, to look for fresh vegetables. i prefer fresh over froze and he did can. so being able to come this close to home is helpful. >> for the first timee three farmers markets in baltimore are now acceptiig snap ards, foomally known as food stamps. to find a farmer market near you go to
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links. >> bp drops gasoline prices to lower people back after the major disaster in the gulf. company is offfring incentives like cheaper gas prices and3 discount on rates charggd for motorists using credit cards. bp is leaving it up tt station owners to decide which cost savings are used. >> the alligator spotted in the patapsco river earlier this week is caught. teen that saw the gator south of baltimore, saw it gain tuesday. he tied some chicken tooa string, and used it to catch the 3-foot gator. arundel county animal control picked it up and hoping to find a home for it at a nearby zoo. >> california proposition 88 why it doesn't meaa the same sex marriage will be allowed just yet. >> the struggle to contain a suspeet caught on tape. what the suspect admitted to police, as to why he was so resistant in the first placc. >> and how a child sss
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>> bob ehrlich said if he is elect governor he supports the decreasing the staaes sales tax. he waats to lower the tax to 5 percent, from the cuurent 6 percent. he says 20 percent reduction will elp small business, and the middle class. >> the sales tax increased in
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2008 after a vvte during a special legislative session. called by governor o'maaley. >> meantime, o'malley and baltimore state'ssattorneyú jessamy has their differences when o'malley was mayor of baltimore. but this week o'malley said he thought jessamy was doing a good job. and she said, they have been getting along better lately. >> but governor o'malley and i, we doospeak.ú we have a very good working relationship. and i am a democrat. >> o'malley also stopped short of giviig jessamy an enofficial endorsement. >> advocates of gay marriage got a victory today. federal judge in california overturned the state same sex marriage ban. the move could eventually go before the u.s. supreme courr, of course. to decide if gays have a constitutionnl right to marry in aaericc. claudia cowen in san francisco with the latest. >> more than 77000,000 californiaians voted to limit marriage o a man and a woman. but a federal judge ruled
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proposition 8 is unconstitutional. marking a maaor victory or gay activists. >> this decision makes for better alifornna. it heels the wound of proposition 8 that actually wrote discrimination into the state constitution and ruled in favor of love and marriage for relationships, are equal to the relationships that straight people have. >> it gives the validitt to us, as human beings, that we're not second-class citizens. >> after weeks of heated and often emotional testimony. judge walker one of a few openly gay jurists on the bench, overturned propositionp eight finding it unconstitutionally discriminates against homosexual couplls. ruling was welcome here in san francisco. where the legal showdown over same sex marriage began more than a decade ago. >> this ruling means that, in fact, people of the same sex, who love one another, have the right to get married, and to treat them differently, is unconstitutional. under the equal protection
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clause of the federaa constitution. >> supporters of prop eight are asking the judge to stay his decision so that same-sex couples cannot marry while they appeal. and gay ights activists are celebrating and this trial was ú high stakes gamble because it will eventually ut thh issue befooe the u.s. supreme court where there is no guaaantee they will come out on the wwnning side. but first, the case moves a few blocks from here, to thee9th circuit court of appeals. that looks to have a busy3 schedule ahead, with several high profile cases. in san francisco, claudia could3 you wan, fox news. >> not a lot of action tonight3 as we take a liveelooo from 1 mile under the gulf of mexico. which means that permanent fix of the gulf oil leak seems to be working so far. bp announceddtoday their static kill is holding back the crude oil as the sight of the massive leak. residents along the coast say, it is about time. >> yoo woold think, you know, %-over 100 dayy, to cap the oil.
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that seems kind f, you know, beea scenario. >> new government report said oillhas been cleaned up. that still leaves -3,000,000 gallons in the gulf. four times the size of the 1989 exxon valdez oil spill. >> a violent confrontation with ohio police and all caught on cameea. video shows a suspect fights with four officers. police threw him to the ground. tasered him several times. and still had a hard time getting hii to a holding cell.ú man arrested for assaulting his girlfriend. obviously now he faces more charges. he later admmtted to police, he was on marijuana, aced with pcp. at the time of the incident. >> well, it is human out there. wet out there. some thunder showers out there. heat on the way. nice weekend though on the way. go to vytas reid with the latest in the ssy watch forecast.
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i diin't give the entire thing away, did i? >> no. not all dismal. good news coming. >> i said nice weekend. >> yeah, nice weekend. and we are talking about nicer conditions. but first we have to get thrrugh the heat, and the thunderstorms. and then we will ggt to the nicer weekend. talking about hd skycam outt3 there.3 lots of lightning with the heat and humidity helping to fire off the atmosphere. righttnow looking at cloudy skies. 82 degrees. winds out of the south-souttwest at three. humidity levels at 74 percent. so it is really muggy out there. aad that's going to be the case for tomorrow as well. and high today topped out at 92. normally we should be at 87. so you can see we're above normal. -nd that woulddbe continuing to be the case tomorrow. as southerly flow brings up the temperatures quite a bit. precipitation out there at bwi thurgood marshall airport. about half an inch. about quarter of an inch falling from the storms downtown. so definitely there was some heavy amoouts of rain aaross th3 region. high across the state. looking at the 900 mid 90s.3 95 in hagerstown.ú
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and we will be in the upper 90s tomorrow. and you haae to ffctor in the humidity as well. but it is cooler back west. at this moment. we had raan cooled air. but colddfront chad hannmoved through. it won't get hrough until tomorrow, late afternoon. so that's why wind a heat advisory isssed by the national weather service. beeause of all of that heat and humidity that we wiil see tommrrrw. with the temperatures. soaring up to the upper 90s, it will feel like about 105 to 107 degrees tomorrow. so be very uncomfortabll as far as air quality across the state. 80s across the mid portiin of %-and then a heat building in fm the southwest. we saw it, first line of thunderstorms. but next line moves through parts of central ohio.3 where the ccld front is pushing in ffom. and ww will continue to see that cold front head our direction giving s the chance for severe tomorrow.y the afternoon futtre scan shows the showers and thunderstorms pushing through. we will prooably clear out late, by tomorrow night. and make wwy for a nicer weekend tonight thunderstorms come to an end. 83 degrees tomorrow.
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we will get gusty thunderstorms late in the afternoon. 99 is the high. and then our five-day forecast. shows 94 friday. 88 saturday. 89 sunday with sunshine. so a nice weekend ahead. jeff? >> all right. vytas, thann you. >> act of kindness from a child turns intooa great example of how to pay it forward. left a dollar bill with a note on this man's car. note from josh said he earned the dollar doing chores and wanted to o something special. so the man donated the dollar to the ymca. now he also shared hhs story, which ultimately encouraged others to donate some $3000, in3 total. what is the injury status
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